Our Instructors

We pride ourselves on working with instructors that promote a positive, supportive, and effective learning environment. Our instructors come from a variety of fields, but all share a passion for their work and sharing it with others.


I owe the exceptional learning experiences to the instructors and field guides who taught the course. They genuinely cared about the work that they were doing and were passionate about transferring their knowledge onto others.” – Elizabeth H., 2011

“The expertise of field instructors and guides provided an extraordinary experience which took me to the tops of mountains down to the cradle of humankind. Whatever your passion–research, conservation, bush skills, photography, or exploration–you will find it in this course, along with much more!” – Claire D., 2009

Terri Cappucci, BA, MFA – Field Photography


Terri Cappucci is an award winning photographer and educator, with more than twenty years experience in the field.  She received her MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has been published extensively in some of the largest publications in the United States and abroad.  Some of her clients include the Boston Globe, New York Times, Dallas Morning News and the World Health Organization, to name a few. She has recently completed a twenty-year photo documentary in South Africa and is currently preparing the draft of her first book. She is known for her stunning work in photojournalism, nature and fine art photography as well as alternative processes. Terri is a life long resident of the picturesque Franklin County, in western Massachusetts, with her second home being in Hoover, Alabama, where she splits her time. Follow Terri’s work on her Facebook page.

Paula Pebsworth, PhD – Advanced Methods in Field Ecology


Dr. Pebsworth is a primatologist with an interest in self-medicative behavior. She has studied golden bamboo lemurs in Madagascar, chimpanzees in Uganda, and chacma baboons in South Africa for her dissertation research. She completed her PhD from Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute and her areas of interest are geophagic behavior, plant-animal interaction, spatial ecology, parasite ecology, and resolution of human-animal conflict. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas where she is an independent researcher, involved with the Biological Anthropology Department at the University of Texas and volunteers her time with the Born Free USA Primate Sanctuary and Voices for Biodiversity. You can find Paula on Twitter at @ppebs.

Héctor Sanz Cabañes, DVM – Primate Veterinary Care


Héctor Sanz is a veterinarian specializing in wildlife and conservation. He has spent time working at a number of different animal sanctuaries in Africa, and he continues this work today. This work includes performing anesthetic studies on vervet monkeys to develop new anesthetic protocols. Dr. Sanz’s motivation to be Sepela’s instructor is to share his knowledge with other veterinarians or veterinary students interested in wildlife. Dr. Sanz lives in Spain where he combines the managing of a veterinary clinic with his travels to African conservation foundations.


Brandi Wren, PhD – Field Primatology


Dr. Wren is a biological anthropologist who has been teaching field courses in primatology in South Africa since 2007. Her recent research examines sociality, specifically grooming, in wild vervet monkeys in South Africa, and links between social behavior and health. Her work has been funded by Wenner-Gren Foundation and the Leakey Foundation, as well as Purdue University and Ball State University. Dr. Wren founded Sepela Field Programs to expand the field experience to students from all disciplines and backgrounds. She currently lives in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, where she spends her free time hiking with her dogs, reading, and traveling. Find Brandi on Twitter at @SassAndScience.



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